Delta Engineering

The driving force originally behind the old Alva, but now behind DELTA ENGINEERING (and the Kilgram-Chase brand) is ALEX DE CLERCK, a man highly respected and recognised by many as one of the most experienced, innovative, and knowledgeable persons involved in the Gas and Electrical industries in South Africa.   He is also well-known and respected by innumerable overseas manufacturers and suppliers.  Besides his incredible gas career, manufacturing gas cylinders and all products, he has also been central in various other sectors of the market, both on the sales and manufacturing sides, including the design and manufacture of electrical heaters and other small electrical appliances, the lighting industry, electric and petrol lawnmowers, armaments, electroplating, and numerous other industries.  He also has a wide knowledge of woods, woodwork, and woodwork machinery. So his knowledge of the workings of any number of types of products in our world today, is unquestioned.