“The Company was founded in 1950 by Elio Baggio, as a family business, in the village of Marostica (Vicenza province). Elio was the son of an entrepreneur, Pio Baggio, who owned various activities, such as building materials (bricks), pottery and quarrying. The initial main business was the operation of an enameling plant, as a subcontractor, along with a small production of wood/coal stoves for cooking/heating purposes.

The plant gradually specialized in enameling body components of stoves and cookers as well as bath tubs, sinks etc. required by major manufacturers of Northern Italy, such as Zanussi, Zoppas, Fargas. By the end of the fifties, the post-second world war reconstruction was over and the following years were characterized by a huge demand for basic household appliances, like cookers and refrigerators.

This situation led Elio Baggio to build a new factory in 1960, in the town of Bassano del Grappa (Vicenza province), and to concentrate his activity in the manufacturing of freestanding cookers for the domestic market. The factory brand became ELBA, which is the acronym of the founder Elio Baggio. The brand, with the present logo, was registered in Italy in 1964.”