"The Infiniti range of superior gas and wood fires is the result of extensive research around South African consumer requirements in home heating.  A group of fireplace industry specialists believed that a truly South African fireplace product, embodying the best of local and international design and using the best quality raw material available, was possible.  The result, a modern looking range of wood and gas fires that are at the forefront of technology, having striking looks and some of the most efficient combustion systems in the world.  Our units are highly advanced in their enviromental friendliness, maximising the heat from both gas and wood being burnt, whilst giving very little in the way of emissions into the atmosphere."

"The Infiniti range allows exceptional flexibility of product choice, so you are able to style your INFINITI fireplace to suit your personal taste, whether rustic or ultra-modern. The Infiniti built in models are based on standard high quality fireboxes on which you can fit a range of frame and grate options. Frames and grates are interchangeable at any time, allowing you the versatility of being able to change the look at any time in the future without having to change the firebox."