"The Rinnai gas geyser is manufactured in Japan. 

Since its establishment of 1920, as a comprehensive heat-energy appliance manufacturer, Rinnai has been providing various products under the keywords of “safety and assurance”, “comfort” and “environment-friendly” and contributing to “heat and comfortable lifestyles”. 

Rinnai hot water systems gives endless hot water more efficiency and with greater control. Innovative design provides the largest capacity flow rates and can also operate from as little as 2.4l/min which is beneficial for saving water.

Rinnai has between 5.2 and 5.9 star ratings, with an impressive 87% thermal efficiency. Rinnai is environmentally friendly. A new state of the art NOx burners for improved air quality.  This is in addition to being a gas appliance, which already produces approximately 70% less greenhouse emissions than electric hot water systems."