Vec Power Infinity 30Lt LPG

An Endless Supply of Hot Water

Vec Power’s range of water heaters are undoubtedly the industry leaders in terms of Quality, versatility and performance. By using advanced water flow detection, Vec Power manage to make their water heaters operate at water pressures, and flow rates, that would simply make lesser units choke. The intelligent burner system only lights the burners you actually need to achieve your desired water temperatures, and the fan assisted system ensures the most efficient burn of your gas. These water heaters can easily replace large electric geysers and cost far less to run. Use them in line with a solar valve unit and solar geyser, and your home or business’ hot water will cost you almost nothing!

Named the Infinity series, because as long as you can supply gas and water you have a completely limitless supply of hot water and as with all gas water heaters, you are not paying to store hundreds of liters of hot water that you are not using.

Digital controllers

Digital controllers let you control the temperatures of your hot water with absolute precision. In most cases, you’ll just set and forget. But if you want to adjust the hot water temperature, perfect control is at your fingertips.

Water heating process

A traditional hot water tank continually heat and reheats its water whether or not the water is in use. Once the heated water in the tank is emptied, via a shower or example new cold water come into the tank which must be heated consistent with the remaining water, expending a great deal of energy and time. When a water source is opened Vec senses the demand for hot water flow and starts the heating process. The water flows through the heat exchanger and is heated to the desired temp, which has been pre-selected and set by the factory or user.


Hot Water Capacity:        2.5-30 lt/min

Efficiency:                           89.7%

Dimensions:                       H590mm X W384mm X D181mm

Weight:                                                20kg

Water Pressure kpa:       1000 max

Min. Water Flow:             2.5lt/min

Gas Type:                            LPG/NG

Controllers:                        Yes

Location:                              External


10 Years on the heat exchanger.

3 Years on the gas and water components.

1 Year on the Electrical components.


R 14 900,00